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Grow your company’s patent portfolio for FREE!

  • LOT Network startups get 3 FREE patents
  • Qualifying startups on the Microsoft Azure platform get an extra 3 free patents from Microsoft
  • Assets from the world’s most innovative companies, like Microsoft, Canon, Lenovo, Red Hat, Google
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FREE LOT Network membership for companies
with less than $25M in annual revenue!

  • Step 1
    • Not a PAE and
    • Microsoft Azure customer
    • Less than $25M in annual revenue
  • Step 2
    • FREE membership for Microsoft Azure customers with less than $25M in revenue
    • Sign and upload the LOT Network Agreement
  • Step 3
    • Browse our database of patents
    • Receive recommendations based on your tech areas of interest

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Why LOT is doing this:

  • LOT is a non-profit, focused on protecting innovation
  • Innovation enables growth
  • LOT wants to help future leaders of tomorrow
  • LOT wants to help address the problems of PAEs
“LOT members have spent billions of dollars protecting their innovation and have some of the most valuable patent portfolios in the world. They want to share some of those patents to help fuel further innovation.”
– Ken Seddon, CEO LOT Network

Patent Transfer Program FAQs

Free Patents? Did I hear that right?2018-05-04T14:09:11-07:00

Yes. LOT Network has received donations of thousands of assets from its members. The first 200 eligible startups that join LOT Network have the opportunity to receive 3 free patent assets in a technology area of their choosing. The date you join LOT Network relative to the other eligible startups will determine the order in which you may choose your patent assets.

What companies are eligible?2019-04-01T17:12:47-07:00

Companies with $25K to $25M in annual revenue OR that have received $25K to $25M in funding over the past 18 months may participate. However, to be eligible, your company cannot be an assertion entity (i.e. a patent troll) as defined by the LOT Agreement. If you have any questions, please contact Ted Karr at Berkeley Law & Technology Group. Although we welcome patent assertion entities to join LOT Network, they are not eligible to select patent assets under the Patent Transfer Program.

Do I have to give up equity or cash in order to receive the patents?2018-05-04T16:42:13-07:00

No. The only requirement is that you be an eligible startup in LOT Network. You do not have to give up equity or pay LOT Network anything. All we ask is that you introduce LOT Network to two of your peers so we might invite them to join as well.

Can an eligible startup get more than 3 patents?2019-04-01T17:06:46-07:00

Yes. Eligible startups qualify to receive 2 additional free patent assets for each company they get to join LOT Network. This is meant to be an incentive for you to encourage your peers to join LOT Network with you. Startups that are both qualifying Microsoft Azure customers and LOT Network members can choose up to three patents donated by Microsoft in technical areas such as artificial intelligence, multimedia, and security (incremental to the three free patents offered by our standard patent program), to add to their portfolios free of charge.

Can LOT Network help me pick the patent assets?2018-05-04T16:41:36-07:00

Yes. LOT Network is working with HTS™ to make your selection process easier. HTS™ has applied its Cyber-metric analysis tool to organize the patent assets into technology areas and rate the assets using 7 criteria. Thus, Berkeley Law & Technology Group and HTS™ will recommend for you the 5 patent assets that rank the highest on those criteria in the technology area you select. You will have two weeks to select which 3 of those 5 patent assets you would like to own.

If you are still not satisfied, you may make a one-time request for a list of 5 other patent assets to select from. You are also free to wait until additional assets become available or otherwise defer your selection to a future date, at which time HTSTM will again recommend a set of 5 patent assets.

Berkeley Law & Technology Group is also familiar with the patent assets and is available if you would like to hire IP experts to help you select and/or perform additional analysis to develop an IP strategy for you.

Why is LOT Network doing this?2018-05-04T16:42:53-07:00

LOT Network was formed to help protect and promote innovation by saving companies from the costs and risks associated with patent assertion entities. LOT Network has grown to include over 220 of the most innovative companies in the world (full list here). Those companies want to help promote earlier stage startups by offering them protection against the risks and costs of PAEs. Now, any startup with less than $25M in annual revenue can enjoy permanent immunization to over 1 million assets for free.

LOT Network members have also invested heavily in protecting their innovations by developing valuable patent portfolios. We recognize that, in the right hands, patents can help fuel further innovation. Thus, LOT Network members are striving to share in their success – their patent assets – with startups, hoping to foster further innovation.

How many startups are in LOT Network already?2018-05-04T14:14:09-07:00

LOT Network has over 220 member companies, of which more than 70 are startups. Please see (here) for a full list of LOT Network members.

Can I leave LOT Network anytime?2018-12-21T02:02:25-08:00

Yes. Any member of LOT Network is free to withdraw anytime. However, we are proud to say no company has ever left LOT Network.

LOT Network is a non-profit, so we work for our members. We are constantly striving to add value to your membership through a variety of initiatives: Bridge – LOT Network’s annual all-member meeting; a women’s professional networking group; a newsletter; information sharing; and, of course, efforts to attract new members. If you like what LOT Network can do for your company today, you’ll likely love what LOT Network can do for you tomorrow.

Is LOT Network arming patent trolls?2018-05-04T16:44:39-07:00

No! Without exception, LOT Network is not transferring any assets to patent assertion entities (aka, “patent trolls”). LOT Network’s mission is the opposite— to immunize LOT Network members from a LOT Network member asset that has fallen into the hands of a PAE.

Can anyone donate to this program?2018-05-04T14:15:43-07:00

Yes. We invite any company, individual, university, or organization that is not a patent assertion entity to donate to the Patent Transfer Program. This includes anyone who is concerned about their patents falling into the hands of a PAE.

Please contact Ken Seddon, CEO of LOT Network, if you are interested in donating.

What is LOT Network?2018-05-04T14:16:34-07:00

LOT Network is the non-profit community of companies providing the cure for patent assertion entities (PAEs), aka “patent trolls.” 81% of the patents that PAEs use to sue companies originate from operating companies.

To immunize the community from PAEs, all LOT Network members sign the exact same 10-page agreement that gives fellow members a free license (immunity) to any patent asset that is transferred to a PAE.

At the same time, LOT Network members are free to use their patents for all the traditional uses: e.g. assert their patents against other members, use them for cross-licensing or as collateral to secure financing, or sell their patents to anyone they choose.

The only exception under the Patent Transfer Program is that a startup cannot assert the 3 assets they select against LOT Network members who were LOT Network members at the time the startup received them. However, startups are free to assert the patents they select against anyone who joins LOT Network after them, and as is true with all patents covered by the LOT Agreement, assert them against anyone not in LOT Network.

LOT Network has grown tremendously, and now has over 220 members including, most recently, American Express, FIS, Facebook, Oracle, Volkswagen, Cisco, Tesla, Daimler, and Alibaba. Additional members include Red Hat, Google, Canon, Dropbox, SAP, Pure Storage, Amazon, Netflix, JP Morgan Chase, and others, including more than 70 startups.  Please see (here) for a full list of LOT Network members.

Take that target off your back

LOT Network (short for License on Transfer) is a non-profit community of companies committed to protecting themselves long-term against PAEs and their patent lawsuits. LOT Network members partner with other like-minded companies who believe good corporate citizens don’t monetize patents through patent trolls.

How Lot Works

We joined LOT Network because we believe it offers the best chance for good corporate citizens to lead the way towards overcoming the PAE challenge.

Bill Coughlin, President & CEO, Ford Global Technologies, LLC

We believe LOT Network will continue to scale quickly across industries and with companies of all sizes. The agreement is easy to understand and provides the level of protection our business and customers need while still preserving the value of our patent portfolio.

Hideki Sanatake, Deputy Group Executive, Canon Inc.