How LOT Works

The fastest-growing
solution to the patent
troll problem

LOT Network protects you from thousands of potential PAE lawsuits that use patents as a means to hurt innovation.

Upon becoming a member of LOT Network, when another member sells or transfers a patent to a patent troll or PAE, you are automatically granted immunity against PAE lawsuits for the life of that patent.

PAE Protection for All LOT Network Members

  • Step 1
    You join LOT Network.
  • Step 2
    Another member of LOT Network sells or transfers one of its patents to a patent troll.
  • Step 3
    Due to the conditional license in the LOT Agreement, you are granted immunity for the life of that patent.
  • Step 4
    The Patent Troll cannot sue anyone in LOT Network for infringing that patent.

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Defining a patent troll

Per the LOT Agreement, an entity is a patent troll, or Patent Assertion Entity (PAE), if the entity (including its parent and any subsidiaries) generates more than half its total revenue from Patent Assertion in a twelve month period, or if the entity has a plan approved by senior management to do so.

The LOT Agreement does not prevent you from selling, licensing or transferring your patents to whatever entities you choose. Your patents remain your patents, to do with as you see fit. LOT membership simply provides LOT Network members immunity against PAE lawsuits if one of its member’s patents should be transferred to a troll.

The more, the merrier

Companies join LOT Network (a not-for-profit association of international companies) by signing the LOT Agreement and paying an annual fee to help cover administrative costs. The fee structure is tiered, based on your company’s annual revenue, so that membership can be affordable to companies of any size.

Anyone can join

Any company, university, inventor, practicing or non-practicing entity may join LOT Network, whether large or small, from any industry, and with any business model. You don’t even need patents to join. The more companies that join LOT Network, the greater the benefit that each derives.

Join Us!

We believe in innovation, openness and transparency. We believe in the patent system. But we also believe that the transfer of patents to PAEs perpetuates a vicious cycle that is detrimental to innovation and costly to consumers and shareholders. We believe joining LOT Network is what good, responsible corporate citizens do.

If you share our belief that companies owe it to their customers, and to one another, to stop this vicious cycle that costs tens of billions of dollars annually, we invite you to join us.


LOT Network plays the pivotal role in banding together responsible companies to help stem the tide of patent system abuse by PAEs – so all companies can focus on building the products and services that will transform our economy.
Brett Wickard,
Founder & President