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LOT Network Achieves Significant Membership Milestone – 1,000 Members and Counting

LOT Network releases detailed report on its breadth of protections across software, automotive, electronics and other high-tech industries

PHOENIX (OCTOBER 28, 2020) LOT Network Inc., the leading international community of high-tech companies protecting against costly litigation brought by patent assertion entities (PAEs, also known as “patent trolls”), today […]


The Emerging Risk: Avoiding Patent Wars in Blockchain Ecosystems

Patents provide the owner thereof the right to exclude others from practicing the patented invention for a limited period of time. In exchange for this right, a patent applicant must demonstrate that the invention is a significant contribution to the relevant state of the art, and the patent application must publicly disclose the invention in […]


As Seen in Law.com: Technology transforming the in-house legal department at banks: a call to action

Across the globe, today’s leading financial institutions are making massive investments into technology and IT development. Why? To create best-in-class technology platforms, payment processing capabilities and financial systems that deliver digital solutions today’s customers have come to expect.  It is clear that the world of financial services […]


How IBISA uses blockchain to help protect farmers

Every business plan involves a degree of risk. For some it is uncertainty about the viability of the product, while for others it is a risk of competition from other organizations making profitability an uncertain proposition. For many of the world’s farmers, however, the risk to their […]


A 500 member milestone

When you’re caught up in the day-to-day business of moving things forward, it’s easy to lose sight of accomplishments. It was in this way that a significant milestone — LOT Network’s membership reaching 500 members — caught us nearly by surprise. We are very proud of our community, which now counts Disney, Meituan Dianping, Centerpoint […]