Note from the CEO: LOT Network actively protecting against PAE-held patents

We are thrilled to announce that Innography™, an IP data industry leader and partner of LOT Network, has performed an analysis confirming the value of LOT Network, and has generously extended access to its PatentScout application free of charge to active LOT Network members. Click here to learn how to sign up with Innography and register for your free PatentScout subscription.

We’ve quantified the value of LOT for current members

Ken_SeddonOne of the most frequently asked questions of LOT is: “How many assets have left the network since LOT was formed?” Thanks to Innography’s™ sophisticated analysis, we now have the answer: 42 different members of LOT have divested a total of just over 42,000 assets world-wide.

Innography™ maintains the most comprehensive database of patent ownership world-wide. The database is updated using Innography’s Patent Market Tracker™ (PMT), a monthly update of cleansed patent sale and purchase data for US patents and applications. PMT retrieves and cleanses data from the USPTO Assignment Database to identify asset transfers. More information on PMT can be found here.

Using these tools, Innography™ was able to extract a comprehensive list of all US asset transfers from a LOT member to a third party since LOT was formed. They then filtered this list to exclude transfers that would not trigger the LOT Agreement. Examples of assignments were excluded from the analysis:

  • Inter-company transfers between subsidiaries since the assets are still owned by the same ultimate parent LOT member.
  • Security interests removed from an asset by a creditor since the creditor did not own the asset in the first place.

Once filtered, the list was expanded to include all foreign assets using INPADOC family expansion.

Below is a breakdown by technology code (i.e. CPC code) of the assets that were divested.


Innography™ was also able to identify at least 35 assets which are now owned by 8 different PAEs. But more importantly, no member of LOT has ever been sued by an asset that has left LOT Network. The data shows that companies that have delayed joining LOT may be at a competitive disadvantage because they face risk / cost from assets that others in their industry are now licensed to.

Offer for current members

Thanks to Innography™, LOT members are now eligible to receive access to PatentScout. With one free seat per active LOT Network member company, you can conduct patent searches without the risks associated with using free, public tools.

To take advantage of this offer, simply email with the subject line “Innography Offer”, and include:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your company name
  • Your corporate email address

Support for PatentScout can be found here. Additional questions related to this members-only program can be sent to

Innography™ offers a number of best-in-class IP search and analysis solutions that may be of interest to our members, including a Patent Market Tracker (PMT) monthly data service, extended search, analysis and data intelligence services, and in-depth training and support on the Innography™ platform.

Please join me in thanking Innography™ for their generous support of LOT Network members, and happy patent searching!

Best regards,