IP strategy can be a significant challenge for any business. Maintaining records, keeping track of patent status and identifying potential acquisitions and divestitures can be difficult to handle. Some organizations prefer to grow their patent profile organically through internal innovation, while others prefer a more acquisition-based approach for technological progress.

There are a staggering number of global IP owners — 4.2M at current count. And, traditionally, IP management and creation has been a labor-intensive process. Whether it is the 235+ organizations with 10,000+ patents, or the smaller organizations with smaller portfolios, managing innovation has become harder on budgets, not easier. And, too often, valuable IP has been unnoticed, underappreciated and inaccessible – both inside and outside an organization.

That difficulty is often compounded by the different silos within a company. R&D, Marketing and Engineering, for example, might not communicate well with one another, leaving management to make decisions based on incomplete data. Innovation is also becoming more complex as portfolios grow and diversify, further driving up the costs of IP management.

ClearAccessIP and Automated IP Activities

The challenge of delivering efficient IP management was the driving force behind the creation of ClearAccessIP, an end-to-end IP lifecycle management solution that easily scales with the needs and timelines of groups in all sized organization.

Because manual analysis can require significant staff time, the ClearAccessIP platform is designed to integrate the entire lifecycle into one automated solution for simplified analysis and data-driven decision making.

The ClearAccessIP platform is built on AI-powered analysis that streamlines the IP development, license, sale and acquisition processes to help businesses execute their strategy, by uncovering and managing valuable IP assets. The company’s platform works at all stages of growing and automating IP transactions and management.

The nature of the IP industry makes it a perfect candidate for automated, AI-enhanced performance. “Our object is to eliminate the bottlenecks and operational inefficiencies that stand between our clients and their business objectives,” says Nicole Shanahan, CEO and founder of ClearAccessIP.

Along with understanding their own IP and developing strategy, businesses need a simple way to conduct IP transactions that will further their growth, whether acquiring new IP or discovering unnoticed IP that can bring value from a sale. These decisions require sophisticated models such as those developed by ClearAccessIP. And organizations need the sophistication to conduct transactions in confidence with the right degree of anonymity—all on a level playing field. The ClearAccessIP platform delivers just that.

“We’re at a point in our innovation evolution where having the ability to have confidence in interacting with other IP owners is more critical than it has ever been,” Shanahan states.

Shanahan concludes, “If you think about why a marketplace doesn’t exist today, contracting around every possible future scenario is really hard. If we were to dream of a super intelligent AI that would allow us to have faith in contracting more rapidly and frequently, we would have a situation in which IP is a flexible asset that enables us to reach our goals collaboratively, as well as commercially.”

The Logical Choice to Join LOT

Because interacting with other IP holders can afford a large degree of legal protection to further solidify IP strategy, joining LOT Network was a natural move for ClearAccessIP. The LOT community brings together hundreds of global organizations dedicated to common values, establishing a secure, mutually beneficial relationship. LOT consists of more than 400 members that include JP Morgan Chase, Ford, Microsoft, Tesla GM and Alibaba.

“I look at LOT Network as the UN of the intellectual property space,” Shanahan says. “Together we form a community that protects one another from unscrupulous IP activities.”

ClearAccessIP now enjoys the protection and membership benefits available to all LOT Network members.