A Real Reason for Celebration

Ken Seddon


In a single word, growth is what LOT Network has been experiencing this year. With the addition of industry leaders like Ant Financial, Alibaba, Daimler, Cisco, Udemy, CoreLogic, TCL, and over 20 start-ups, LOT Network has grown to 131 members. We are now able to permanently immunize our members from over 654,000 assets should they fall into the hands of a Patent Assertion Entity.


LOT Network BRIDGE: Member’s Meeting

To celebrate this growth, we’re excited to announce BRIDGE: LOT Network’s first members meeting. Join fellow members like Alibaba, Google, Cisco and Amazon to further leverage the power of our community by sharing ideas and getting an insider’s view into what’s happening in IP – no press, no recordings, just real, valuable information.

Allen Lo from Google will be kicking us off with a keynote. So be sure to register now to reserve your spot (LOT members and guests only, please).

 Cross-industry Growth

Our continued growth comes from multiple industries: Financial Services, Banking, Cloud, IT, Software, and Automotive, with members of all sizes and from all geographies. Using even conservative estimates, we are on track to have 1,000 companies and over 2 million assets by the end of 2018.

Now that we are past the tipping point, it’s clear that companies that are not in LOT are at a competitive disadvantage. There are thousands of assets that have already left our network against which they are not immunized — but that our current members will never need to worry about.

Of course, our network grows stronger with each new member, so if you know of someone who could benefit from LOT membership, please feel free to refer them or drop me a line and I’d be glad to reach out. LOT is still free for companies with revenues under $5M – all we ask is that they refer us two companies who might be interested in our community.

More Benefits for LOT Members

Unified Patents, a co-traveler in the patent protection strategy space, is offering free memberships to LOT members with under $20M in revenues. For larger companies, a yearly Unified subscription can protect your business for substantially less than the cost of challenging a single patent.

LOT members who join Unified before April 30 will also receive a free portfolio evaluation, measuring patents for validity and strength, and a product segment analysis providing guidance on where to focus portfolio development. If interested, contact Unified, or subscribe at https://www.unifiedpatents.com/join/ .

I look forward to seeing our members at LOT Network BRIDGE in May. Register today!