When you’re caught up in the day-to-day business of moving things forward, it’s easy to lose sight of accomplishments. It was in this way that a significant milestone — LOT Network’s membership reaching 500 members — caught us nearly by surprise. We are very proud of our community, which now counts Disney, Meituan Dianping, Centerpoint Energy, Synchrony, Yamaha,  VISA, Juniper Networks, 7-Eleven and Netgear as some of its newest members.

Our growth now spans industries — including automotive, finance, entertainment, cloud computing, retail, manufacturing, and emerging industries like blockchain — as well as continents. You can find LOT members in more than 35 different countries and counting; some of the biggest tech companies in Asia are among our strongest supporters.

Further, we’ve seen an uptick in startup membership, confirming that LOT is a solution for all companies regardless of their size or industry. Our momentum toward becoming a standard business practice grows stronger every day — more and more, we see members joining us based on information they’ve found online — often joining without contact from a LOT Network team member.  And that is because of you — the collective reputation of our membership makes joining LOT an easy decision.

With membership steadily climbing, our thoughts go naturally toward our next members meeting. Mark your calendars for next year’s edition of LOT Network BRIDGE, which will be held once again at The Palace Hotel in San Francisco, May 6-7. Our team is in the process of putting together the agenda, so if there’s any topic of particular interest to you, please feel free to drop us a line. Interested in sponsoring the event? Reach out to events@lotnet.com for further information.

As the year wraps up, we reflect on 2019 with gratitude.  LOT Network has become a preeminent force in the IP industry, shielding our members from the needless costs of PAE litigation. We thank you for your vocal support of our community, and your commitment to protecting innovation.

Now on to the next 500!

Ken Seddon

CEO, LOT Network