the patent
troll threat.

You already have a million things to worry about. Frivolous lawsuits needn’t be one of them.

Eliminate the patent troll threat before it reaches your door by joining the non-profit LOT Network community, the only true cure for the patent assertion entity (PAE) problem.


lost by companies each year on
needless patent troll litigation.


growth in patent troll lawsuits
in the past ten years.


the average amount a software company spends on a single PAE-generated lawsuit.

Protect your business from the unprecedented growth of patent troll litigation.

Take that target off your back.

Joining LOT Network is the most cost effective and forward-thinking solution in the fight against PAEs. By uniting a community of companies who believe that everyone should be free to use patents for traditional purposes, LOT Network allows companies to focus on building better products for their customers, not defending against costly lawsuits.

A LOT Network membership immediately and dramatically reduces the risk of PAE litigation for every company that joins. As a member of LOT Network, you are instantly provided with protection against any patents the other members may later transfer to a patent troll.

LOT members can use their patents, as they choose, for traditional uses, including transferring them to other operating companies.

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A diverse community of dedicated
corporate citizens.

LOT Network (short for License on Transfer) is a non-profit community of companies committed to protecting themselves long-term against PAEs and their patent lawsuits.

LOT Network members partner with other like-minded companies who believe good corporate citizens don’t monetize patents through patent trolls.

Our members include global brands, Silicon Valley startups and many smaller companies that could otherwise be wiped out by a single patent-troll lawsuit.

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We joined LOT Network because we believe it offers the best chance for good corporate citizens to lead the way towards overcoming the PAE challenge.
Bill Coughlin,
President & CEO
Ford Global Technologies, LLC

We are confident that our membership in the LOT Network has already protected us from frivolous lawsuits, and we look forward to it being even more powerful and protective as hundreds of new like-minded companies join.
Michael Cunningham, Executive Vice President and General Counsel
Red Hat, Inc.


We believe LOT Network will continue to scale quickly across industries and with companies of all sizes. The agreement is easy to understand and provides the level of protection our business and customers need while still preserving the value of our patent portfolio.
Hideki Sanatake,
Deputy Group Executive
Canon Inc.