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Protect yourself from patent litigation

The auto industry’s transformation from manufacturing traditional vehicles to creating what today is often likened to “computers on wheels” has catapulted the industry to the forefront of technology innovation. But the transformation has also ushered in some new […]

Blockchain secures intellectual properties?

A United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) advisory committee is planning to launch a live test of its blockchain-based intellectual property rights proof of concept. The subcommittee is now ongoing three proof-of-concept projects involving blockchain technology.“Intellectual Property […]

Anti-Patent Troll Consortium Is Recruiting Blockchain Startups

Three blockchain technology companies have joined a multi-industry consortium dedicated to protecting members against the threat of patent assertion entities (PAEs) – more commonly known as patent trolls.

Revealed exclusively to CoinDesk, Peer Mountain, MARKNetwork and […]

Platform Economy’s Strong Growth, Based On Trust

The platform economy is global in scope, spanning countries, borders, languages and currencies. Digital meeting places, you might call them – bringing buyers and sellers together across any number of verticals, from eCommerce tied to […]