LOT Network is a non-profit organization. Membership cost in LOT Network is tiered, based on the member’s annual revenue, to ensure that LOT Network is affordable for companies of every size. The first year’s membership fee for new LOT Network members is prorated based on the date of membership.

We know start-ups drive innovation, and because 50% of companies sued by PAEs have less than $10 million in annual revenue, LOT is doing all we can to protect start-ups. That is why the Board of Directors have decided that start-ups can be part of LOT for free indefinitely as long as their annual revenue is below $25 million. Once their annual revenue exceeds $25 million, they simply pay in accordance with the rate card below. There is a board resolution that caps the fee for large companies, and as LOT continues to grow the fees are likely to be reduced further in order to maintain the non-profit status of LOT. Regardless of where a company falls on this rate card, the fee for LOT should be a non-brainer. For the cost of one robust patent application, the largest companies in the world can be immunized against close to a million assets should they fall into the hands of a PAE.


Participant’s Annual Revenue LOT Network Annual Membership Fee
<$25M $0 with two referrals to prospective members
$25M to $50M $5,000
$50M to $100M $10,000
$100M to $1B $15,000
>$1B $20,000