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LOT Member Profile: ClearAccessIP Makes Patent Strategy Manageable

IP strategy can be a significant challenge for any business. Maintaining records, keeping track of patent status and identifying potential acquisitions and divestitures can be difficult to handle. Some organizations prefer to grow their patent profile organically through internal innovation, while others prefer a more acquisition-based approach for technological progress.

There are a staggering number of […]


How many patents are enough? View from Detroit

This was the question asked at the IAM IP in Auto conference and at the Cipher Roundtable the following day. The roundtable was conducted under the Chatham House Rule, but the automotive OEM and supplier perspective is fascinating, even without attribution.

Before we share the findings, take a moment to consider a range of possible answers […]


Note from the CEO: BRIDGE highlights and international growth

I trust your summer is off to a good start. Everyone at LOT Network would like to thank Director Iancu, our members and the sponsors who made the 2019 LOT Network Bridge at The Palace Hotel in San Francisco a huge success. Attendee feedback showed that this year’s annual members’ meeting had the expected practical […]


Conquering the World of AI — China vs. the U.S.?

Worldwide demand for Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is poised to increase dramatically. PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates AI will add $15.7 trillion (U.S.) to the global GDP by 2030. McKinsey agrees, further estimating that by 2030 at least 70% of the world’s companies will be using AI.

The two most robust economies in the world – the U.S. and […]


恭喜发财 2018 – Fourth consecutive record year for LOT Network!

2018 year in review

In 2018, LOT Network nearly doubled in size, adding 167 new members – about one new member every other day. We welcomed IP thought leaders like Microsoft, Tencent,, JD Finance, Square, Nationwide, Denso, Hikvision, Aristocrat, SpaceX, AIG, Pinterest, Symantec, Epic Games, Ocado, Yandex, Boeing, Arista, Priceline, Atlassian, Bullitt, and countless high-tech […]


Member profile: Ticketpass is an event ticketing platform to feel good about

How many tickets have you bought in your life? Five? Ten? Dozens? Hundreds? Everybody’s bought tickets. And no matter where they were purchased, what kind of event they were purchased for, or which ticket-purchasing platform was used, it’s more likely than not that most of those purchases were unpleasant experiences.

The ticket buying process has been […]


Microsoft and Denso join LOT Network…Women in LOT is expanding – join now!

Microsoft, Denso and 60 others join this summer – LOT nearing 300 members

While many were enjoying family vacations this summer, LOT had another record quarter of growth.   We added 60 members including some of the largest portfolios in the world with the addition of Microsoft, AIG, Denso, SpaceX, Take 2 Interactive, Arista, Equifax, Priceline/Bookings, and […]


SAS Expands Scope of IPR Petitioner Estoppel, but Leaves Some Uncertainty

The inter partes review (IPR) procedure includes an estoppel provision that prohibits an IPR petitioner from later raising before the Patent Office, a district court, or ITC any anticipation or obviousness defense based on instituted grounds that the petitioner “raised or reasonably could have raised” during the IPR. Accordingly, if a petitioner lost a patentability […]


TDCommons: A Free Platform for Defensive Publications

Defensive publications are often viewed as an afterthought, but a proactive and purposeful defensive publishing practice can be a meaningful part of a comprehensive patent strategy. Today, many companies are using the defensive publication of technical disclosures as a low-cost technique to create freedom of action for themselves and others. And now, a […]


The Linux Professional Institute Opens Up the World

Around twenty years ago, as a revolution in open source development transforming how companies approached their technology platforms and programs, IT managers realized that there was a lack of people with the identifiable and relevant skills necessary to grow their businesses’ open source use and deployment. It […]