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IAM is pleased to announce it will be hosting the first-ever IP Software Summit on May 18, 2017 in San Francisco.
Designed for senior executives working at companies in the software and high-tech industries, as well as their IP advisers, this groundbreaking event will provide a platform to discuss a range of cutting-edge IP issues, including open innovation, open source and proprietary systems, collaboration, the scope of patent protection, and monetization.
Senior IP and innovation professionals from across the software industry will come together to discuss a series of key issues, including:
• Finding common ground between the open source and proprietary communities
• Managing a mixed open source and proprietary suite of products
• Software patent eligibility in the United States and other jurisdictions
• Using trade secrets, copyrights, and trademarks to protect software products
• The challenges and opportunities that technology convergence brings for software companies
Speakers already confirmed include Ericsson, BAE Systems, Naspers Group, Uber, IBM, HP, Kudelski Group, UTC, Tata Technologies, Google, Cisco Systems, Mozilla, Qualcomm, Open Source Election Technology Institute, SAP, Fingi, Adobe Systems, LinkedIn, European Patent Office, and more.
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