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LOT Network in the News

Fintech patent trolls can’t be allowed to win

iamGlobal financial services have become a persistently attractive sector for innovators. But on the flip side, unfortunately, fintech startups find themselves particularly vulnerable to patent abusers.

Good citizenship: Don’t just stop your PAE attacks, work together to stop them all

iamUniting with other tech companies can make fighting a PAE possible in the first place and enable a defendant to wage a more effective fight.

How to win the battle against patent trolls

iam2015 was one of the worst years on record for patent troll lawsuits.

Most of the lawsuits that snagged headlines involved tech titans – Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon – but small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) were far […]

Practical Tips For Combating Patent Trolls In 2016

techcrunch “There are a number of non-profit and for-profit organizations, such as the LOT Network, Symmetry and Unified Patents that help businesses on how to protect, defend, and even go on the offensive against trolls.”

Companies Can Inoculate Themselves Against Patent Trolls Through Their Supply Chain

techcrunch “If a supplier participates in LOT Network, it shows that they’re concerned about the patent troll problem and are committed to working against it. It elevates the level of trust we have with that supplier and reduces […]

IP Threats and Collaboration in the Auto Industry

techcrunch “Our company is a member of LOT Network…Community cooperation has benefits for automakers and suppliers alike. Reducing what we spend on PAE litigation means that we can put those funds toward innovation.”

To Take Out Patent Trolls, Team Up

techcrunch “As of November 2015, LOT Network covers over 327,000 patent assets, including over 99,000 U.S. issued patents and applications. LOT members now have a permanent solution if any of those assets fall into the hands of a […]

Korea will need more than litigation risk reduction to put its IP rights balance firmly in the black

iam “Joining in with initiatives such as LOT may reduce some of the risk associated with NPEs and other aggressive licensors.”

How Tech Can Shut Down Patent Trolls

techcrunch “Conversely, patent trolls will not want to waste their resources going head-to-head with a warrior. Take Lee Cheng at Newegg, a lawyer who has earned a fierce reputation for fighting patent assertion claims to the death in […]

Tech, Auto Companies Form Non-Profit to Disarm Patent Trolls

techcrunch “Now a who’s who of technology, automobile and other companies has banded together in a novel approach seeking to thwart patent trolls. LOT Network counts Google, Canon, Dropbox, Ford Motor Co., GitHub, JP Morgan Chase, Pandora, Pure […]

LOT Network Demonstrates Rapid Growth of Community In Battle Against Patent Trolls

bwlogo_web BEAVERTON, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–LOT Network announced today that its community, which protects many of the world’s leading businesses including Dropbox, Khan Academy, Ford, GitHub, JP Morgan Chase, Mazda, Uber, Asana, and many start-ups […]

Tech, auto companies join forces to thwart patent trolls

SF-Chronicles-logo “This solves a very real problem at a low cost,” said Ramsey Homsany, general counsel of Dropbox, one of LOT’s founding companies. “It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is, at some point you […]

MarineTraffic joins LOT Network to safeguard intellectual assets

marine_traffic-120x100 MarineTraffic, the world’s most trusted AIS vessel tracking service has joined the Licence on Transfer (LOT) Network.
The LOT Network was formed to promote innovation by reducing the risk of litigation from Patent Assertion Entities (PAEs), also known as Patent Trolls. The LOT Network […]

How GCs Can Become Heroes In The War Against Patent Trolls

Law360-mini “It’s difficult to predict which companies will fail, sell patents to a troll, or exactly when you might be a PAE target,” said Michael Cunningham, Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Red Hat, Inc. “By reducing the […]

Patent lawsuit hits Atlassian prior to IPO

SDTimes-logo“… patent trolls cost the U.S. economy more than US$80 billion a year. And Spangenberg has certainly gotten his fair share of that money in his pursuits. But the LOT Network could put a stop to that over time.”

LOT Network Names Ken Seddon As Chief Executive Officer

Beaverton, OR—April 1, 2015—LOT Network Inc., an international patent network that is proactively addressing the risks of patent assertion entities (PAEs) and patent privateering, today announced that its Board of Directors had appointed Ken Seddon as its first Chief Executive Officer.

“LOT Network has created an innovative product that can reduce the risk […]

LOT Network Membership Doubles In Five Months Since Launch

The License on Transfer (LOT) Network, an open, royalty-free, patent-licensing program designed to reduce patent litigation and the growing practice of patent privateering, today announced that GitHub, Khan Academy, Pure Storage, Red Hat, SAS, and SolarCity have joined Asana, Canon, Dropbox, Google, Newegg and SAP as members.

Patent litigation reached an all-time peak last year, […]

Asana, Canon, Dropbox, Google, Newegg and SAP Announce Formation of New Cooperative Patent-Licensing Agreement

Asana, Canon, Dropbox, Google, Newegg and SAP today announced the formation of the License on Transfer (LOT) Network, a cooperative patent-licensing agreement that will cut down on patent troll litigation and the growing practice of patent privateering.

Patent litigation reached an all-time peak last year, with more than 6,000 lawsuits filed. Most of those suits […]