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Note from the CEO: LOT Network actively protecting against PAE-held patents

We are thrilled to announce that Innography™, an IP data industry leader and partner of LOT Network, has performed an analysis confirming the value of LOT Network, and has generously extended access to its PatentScout application free of charge to active LOT Network members. Click here to learn how to sign up […]

Open Source Software Rules for Start-ups, Part II

License Compliance: How to be a Good Open Source Citizen

By Heather Meeker
Heather MeekerThis is the second half of a two-part series on how start-ups can best use open source software without accidentally getting themselves into a legal bind. The first article in the series can be […]

Europe’s Proposed UPC: A Haven for NPEs or Europe’s PTAB?

By Regina Sam Penti, Edward Kelly, Steve Baughman and Anita Varma

regina-sam-penti Regina Sam Penti

Europe’s proposed Unified Patent Court (UPC) appears to be back on track following the UK’s announcement in November that it will ratify the UPC Agreement (UPCA) despite the Brexit vote calling for the UK to […]

LOT Network Member Profile: Mary Wolff, CEO of taptl

aaeaaqaaaaaaaavfaaaajgvlmzc5owjkltk5zwmtngq5mi04mjfmltgxnzg0ndcxm2zjmgMary Wolff is the CEO of taptl, a display technology start-up based in Miami. She was born and raised in St. Louis. Upon graduating from Washington University, she moved to Miami to attend University of Miami School of Law, where she graduated with a J.D./LL.M. in Real […]

The New “Defend Trade Secrets Act”: What It Means And How It Can Be Utilized To Defend Against Trade Secret Misappropriation

By William J. McCabe and Gene W. Lee

bill-mccabe Bill McCabe

gene-lee Gene Lee

DTSA Overview

Every year, trade secret misappropriation costs the U.S. economy more than $300 billion and 2.1 million jobs.[1] To help address this problem, on May 11, […]

Board-Approved Offer for Start-ups

Dear Members and Friends,

LOT Network has always been about protecting innovation, so I’m thrilled to announce a new initiative that our Board has recently approved: we will waive the annual fee for any start-up with less than $5M in annual revenues who wants to join LOT Network. You might have seen coverage on this […]

Note from the CEO: LOT is going viral!

500,000+ Patent Assets and Counting

Ken_Seddon_3I hope the summer has been enjoyable for you and your families. There has been little rest here at LOT, as we are proud to announce many new members and the achievement of two major milestones.

Since May, we have had fourteen more companies join […]

A Trademark Primer for Startups

By Ted D. Karr

Ted KarrWhether you are forming a new business or introducing a new product, Federal registration of a trademark is an important consideration to support your company’s business strategy.

A trademark is a company asset that gains value through association with the company’s product or […]

IP Analysis & Management: Consequences of Traditional Methods in Today’s Complex Environment


The traditional way of managing Intellectual Property (IP) is being encroached upon by new business processes, new technology, and outside pressures that are challenging the status quo. IP isn’t just a weapon to shield organizations from competition, but a strategic asset that drives calculated decisions across […]

Your Startup Needs IP Capital

By Rodger Sadler

Rodger-Sadler_2If you run a small business – and a tech startup in particular – you live with the risk that you could, at any time, fall prey to bigger, better-resourced competitors. Why? Because most startups lack the resources and experience required to protect and develop […]