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Why Red Hat Thinks You Should Join

By David Perry, Senior Patent Counsel Red Hat, Inc.

David Perry

Like many companies, Red Hat is concerned with abuses of the patent system, including suits by patent assertion entities (PAEs). We have argued against patents on software before the PTO and the U.S. Supreme Court. In our recently updated […]


Red Hat’s Patent Promise

By Patrick McBride, Senior Director of Patents Red Hat, Inc.

Patrick McBride

What is the best way for technology companies to protect themselves from patent aggression without discouraging open source innovation? Red Hat has worked on various approaches to this problem, including a substantial new revision of its Patent Promise.

Red […]


LOT Member Profile: FI.SPAN

Founded in 2016 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

FI.SPAN Helps Fin-techs, Banks and Businesses Win

You’re a small or mid-sized business. Every month you pay about 1000 invoices. Your accountant tracks all these invoices, runs them through your AP system, then uploads roughly half of them — through an […]


What Makes LOT Members Outperform

Ken Seddon

The second quarter of 2017 brought us a bang and a fizzle. The bang was the large number of companies joining LOT. Our community continues to grow at a record pace, adding 34 new members including Volkswagen, Vizio, Salesforce, eBay, Net App, Tesla, Electronic Arts, […]


The Real Impact of TC Heartland on the EDTX Venue

By Diane Lettelleir, JC Penney

Diane Lettelleir

For the last few decades, venue for patent infringement suits has generally been considered to be nationwide. With the rise of PAEs, one of the significant challenges faced by most defendants targeted by patent infringement litigation initiated by PAEs, is being […]


A Real Reason for Celebration

Ken Seddon


In a single word, growth is what LOT Network has been experiencing this year. With the addition of industry leaders like Ant Financial, Alibaba, Daimler, Cisco, Udemy, CoreLogic, TCL, and over 20 start-ups, LOT Network has grown to 131 members. We are now able to permanently […]