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A Trademark Primer for Startups

By Ted D. Karr

Ted KarrWhether you are forming a new business or introducing a new product, Federal registration of a trademark is an important consideration to support your company’s business strategy.

A trademark is a company asset that gains value through association with the company’s product or […]

IP Analysis & Management: Consequences of Traditional Methods in Today’s Complex Environment


The traditional way of managing Intellectual Property (IP) is being encroached upon by new business processes, new technology, and outside pressures that are challenging the status quo. IP isn’t just a weapon to shield organizations from competition, but a strategic asset that drives calculated decisions across […]

Your Startup Needs IP Capital

By Rodger Sadler

Rodger-Sadler_2If you run a small business – and a tech startup in particular – you live with the risk that you could, at any time, fall prey to bigger, better-resourced competitors. Why? Because most startups lack the resources and experience required to protect and develop […]

Open Source Software Rules for Start-ups, Part I

By Heather Meeker

Heather MeekerIf you’re a start-up, there’s a strong likelihood you’re using open source software in your business. Linux, Apache, Hadoop, WordPress and MySQL are all examples of open source software platforms used extensively by startups.

Using open source software improperly, however, can tie up your […]

LOT Network Member Profile: Alan Trefler, CEO of Pegasystems

Alan TreflerAlan Trefler is the Founder and CEO of Pegasystems, which provides strategic business applications to companies around the world. He was awarded “Software CEO of the Year” by the American Business Awards and was named “Public Company CEO of the Year” by the Massachusetts […]

Using automation and analytics to enhance quality throughout the IP Process

TurboPatent Logo

Most professions utilize highly specialized innovative technologies to improve the way they work and the results they get. For example, architects and engineers use CAD to generate higher quality output faster. Software developers work in Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) to keep track of code going […]

Reduce Risk Throughout Your Supply Chain with LOT Network

Tim Wilson Tim Wilson

SAS Institute is one of the LOT Network pioneers, joining our ranks less than six months after we were founded in 2014. […]

Note from the CEO: Thank you for a great first year!


As I complete my first year at the helm of LOT Network, I want to thank all of you for your support and commitment. As a community, we have exceeded every one of the first year goals set by our Board of Directors. In particular, we have […]

LOT Network Member Profile: Mark Sole, CEO of Sipree

Mark Sole Mark Sole

Mark Sole is a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years’ experience in Silicon Valley as a founder, executive, investor and advisor to startups focused on SaaS, security, and payments in financial services. His company, Sipree, is a cloud-based technology company transforming global payments […]