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Why we stepped up to the patent troll problem

Entrepreneurs don’t pour all their energy into building startups just to have a patent assertion entity (PAE, or “patent troll”) attack them with patents of questionable quality. That is, unfortunately, a very common patent […]

Cisco Systems Pushes Back against Patent Trolls

Taking on patent trolls
Earlier this year, Cisco Systems (CSCO) joined LOT1 Network, a nonprofit alliance originally forged by Alphabet’s (GOOGL) Google as a long-term defense against patent trolls. Patent trolls are individuals or businesses […]

The state of the industry: the biggest regional tech trends of 2016

width=As the tech sector continues to mature, regional differences have become more pronounced, but some industry trends ignore geographic boundaries. It’s become a cliché, but still rings true: 2016 was yet another milestone year for the […]

Cisco and Slack Are Joining Google’s Patent Network

width=A mutual defense alliance to protect companies against so-called “patent trolls,” known as the LOT Network, announced the addition of four more members on Wednesday, including the car maker Daimler and the online learning service Udemy.
The […]

‘Patent Trolls’ Exact A High Price For Retail Innovation

width=Technology’s takeover of the shopping experience has brought many benefits to both retailers and customers — along with one very big drawback. It has drawn the attention of so-called “patent trolls,” more formally known […]

Why Uber Became a Key Architect in a Patent Protection Network

width=Patent trolls—companies that don’t actually make products but instead just use patents they have purchased to sue companies who do—have become so prevalent in that being sued by a troll has become the norm in […]

Targeted by patent trolls, J.C. Penney & Co. joins with LOT Network

width=PLANO, Texas (Legal Newsline) – A senior counsel for J.C. Penney & Co. has all but given up waiting on the federal cavalry to arrive and protect her client from patent trolls. Instead, she and others […]

Defense Against Patent Trolls? Worth A LOT (Network)

width=Innovation makes the world go round. Patents protect innovation. Patent trolls suck energy and time and money from companies that spawn innovation — so much so, that some companies die in the effort.

Welcome to the world […]

Why Uber Became a Key Architect in a Patent Protection Network

width=Patent troll lawsuits are bad for business and bad for innovation, which is why Uber, along with a number of other prominent technology companies, decided it was time to take action

Commentary: Retailers need to join forces to solve patent troll problem


JCPenney and numerous other retailers have been hunted for the last decade by patent trolls that aggressively file suits based on overly broad claims in patents against related but distinct technologies. JCPenney alone has […]